Fathers Day Gifts

Spoil dad this year with our unique Fathers Day gifts. Our giant marshmallows are handcrafted in our NSW dessert bar and packaged ready for dad to enjoy on Fathers Day alongside his socks, undies, and beers. We have a selection of gift boxes, chocolate gifts, and marshmallow gifts. Check out our best selling fathers day gifts below.

See for yourself why we have over 2000 5 star reviews.
Father’s Day delivery guarantee cut off is Saturday 21st August 5pm. We recommend Express Post due to COVID19


(10) $7.92$158.49 (USD)
(386) $9.51$27.74 (USD)
(482) $9.51$27.74 (USD)

Pre-order FAQs

How long do the marshmallows last?

Our marshmallows have a 2-3 month shelf life. All marshmallows are made fresh for each order so you know that you will be able to get the full shelf life out of them!

How does Father's Day Pre-order work?

We are doing pre-orders to ensure that your products are as fresh as possible for Father’s Day

Any pre-order items that are ordered between now and Father’s Day will be placed in a separate queue for us to make closer to the date. Some Father’s Day gifts have limited stock so the earlier an order is placed the better. We recommend express shipping for orders to reduce the time in the postal system


Please note that if an order contains a pre-order item + regular items it will go into the pre-order queue and will not be shipped until the Father’s Day orders are dispatched. If you would like to receive some items before Father’s Day please place this in a separate order

Are these Australian Made?

Yes! All of our marshmallows are handmade by us in our Dessert Bar in Wyong on the Central Coast, NSW

I live locally, can I pick up my order?

Of course! Select “Local Pickup” as the shipping method

Are the marshmallows gluten free?

The majority of our marshmallows are gluten free. The flavours that contain gluten are S’mores and Banoffee. In our Easter range the Chocolate Coated Box contains gluten however a gluten free option is available too. To select the gluten free option just change the drop down when adding to cart

Which marshmallows are Dairy and Gluten Free?

The following marshmallows contain no Dairy, Gluten, or Nuts – Bunny Bag, Solid Marshmallow Egg, and Hot Cross Bun. Please note that these may contain traces of the above due to our kitchen also having these ingredients for other products.



Are the marshmallows Vegetarian or Vegan Friendly?

Our marshmallows contain Beef Gelatine so are suitable for some vegetarians but aren’t suitable for vegans


(409) $9.51$27.74 (USD)
(1166) $30.11 (USD)
(136) $9.51 (USD)
(550) $9.51$27.74 (USD)
(386) $9.51$27.74 (USD)
(40) $5.55 (USD)


It was a gift that got rave reviews. I have been so happy with the product and service that I have made another order.

– Kathryn Ellard

Beautiful product. If you are looking for something extra special as a gift or special celebration treat, this is it.

– Joanne E.

I can only say that they looked AMAZING I had to give them away for a special birthday gift ….(I wanted to keep them)

– Barbara West

This Box was purchased as a gift for my Daughter and she is thrilled with it. In her words “They are so yummy but they are so big I can only have one at a time!”. I guess that’s the best complaint a company can have. 😀

– Debbie B.

Beautifully made and so yummy

– Ross Southgate

Absolutely delicious, loved tasting all the flavours, discovering my favourites. Quick delivery, fresh marshmallows, great size. Not too sweet either, which is dangerous as it means you can eat more than one at a time!

– Carol H.

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