Thicc Hot Chocolate Kit Bundle

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The ultimate hot chocolate kit! This kit includes everything you need to enjoy the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had!


  • Handcrafted chunky Thicc Hot Chocolate
  • Marshmallow Cloud hot chocolate toppers (6 pieces)
  • Custom Stay Mallow stainless steel mug

Thicc Hot Chocolate

The Marshmallow Co Thicc Hot Chocolate is a chunky blend of house made drinking chocolate.

Perfect for those chilly nights!

Stay Mallow Campster Mug

Get your very own The Marshmallow Co. mug! Perfect for gifting or to keep at home as your personal hot choccie mug!

Pair it with our very own handcrafted Thicc Hot Chocolate and Cloud Marshmallows!

350ml stainless steel mug.

In stock

Marshmallow Clouds

Stock up on these awesome cloud mallows to add to your hot chocolate, tea, coffee or cocktail and float off into the clouds.

Includes 6 huge marshmallows - gluten free and dairy free

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