Whether it’s our delicious Oreo cookies and cream, our ever popular Choc-mint, or bubblegum for the kids; our marshmallows are sure to go down a treat with your customers!


Packaged Marshmallows

We also sell our marshmallows pre-packaged for display on shelves and ready for sale.

Perfect for:

  • Hampers and client gifts
  • Boutique shops
  • Florists
  • Cafes

Individual Marshmallows

We supply our marshmallows for sale individually. Available in handcrafted, hand-cut batches of 16, with over 30 flavours to choose from. Store and display the marshmallows in airtight jars, containers, or cabinets.

Perfect for:

  • Cafes & restaurants
  • Bars
  • Bakeries

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