Halal Marshmallows

All of our marshmallows are handmade in Australia using halal certified beef gelatine. The halal marshmallows listed below contain no alcohol.
These are perfect halal campfire marshmallows, perfect for roasting over a bonfire or just at home over the stove. 
We also have a range of halal marshmallows, listed at the bottom of this page.


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Halal Marshmallows that may contain alcohol

The following halal marshmallows and products are made with halal certified gelatine however they may contain traces of alcohol.

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Halal Chocolates

Can Muslims eat marshmallows?

If the gelatine that has been used in marshmallows is derived from beef and is halal certified, then yes Muslims are allowed to eat marshmallows. Muslims are not allowed to eat products derived from pork and therefore if pork gelatine is used muslims will not be allowed to eat those marshmallows. All of our marshmallows use beef gelatine that is halal certified.