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Care Packages for your Staff/Team

Want to reward your team for their hard work? We'll send a care package to each of them for you! You choose the items and we'll do the rest

Promotional/Launch Items

About to launch something big? Let us help! We can create custom products and packaging to help spread the word for your big launch. Examples:

  • - Chunks Marshmallows for Bethesda to celebrate the launch of Starfield
  • - Custom S'mores Kits for Twitch
  • - Snowflake Marshmallows for Tourism Whistler

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Corporate Gifts and Promotional Items

Corporate gift giving is a great way to build the professional relationships that make a business successful. Whether you’re working towards closing a big contract, convincing an outstanding job candidate to join your company, or just trying to say thank you to the clients and employees that make what you do worthwhile, Marshmallow Co. is proud to provide personalised corporate gifts that count.

The best corporate gift ideas come from the heart, and so do The Marshmallow Co. marshmallows. All of our marshmallows are handmade in small batches on New South Wales’ Central Coast. With over 25 unique and luxury flavours to choose from, our delicious marshmallows are as diverse as your workplace. There’s something for everyone, and because we don’t mass produce our items, we can accommodate custom orders. Do you have something specific in mind for your business’ corporate gift boxes? Get in touch to see what we can do!

We also provide personalised promotional gift items, which help to make your business memorable. Our handmade marshmallows are sure to leave a lasting impression. Hand them out at conferences or events, and consider them your gourmet business cards.

Here at The Marshmallow Co., we’re proud to be corporate gift suppliers. We believe in the value of your business, and we believe that giving a corporate gift is the perfect way to boost that value. Our gourmet marshmallows make delicious and unique corporate gifts that clients, staff, and management can enjoy together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a corporate gift?

A corporate gift is a professional networking tool. It’s something that you give to your clients or employees to show your appreciation for all they do for your company. You might also give a corporate gift to a potential business partner as you work toward securing an important contract. What is corporate gift giving? It’s your way of showing that you care about the people who work with and for your business, which is an important part of developing the working relationships that will help it thrive.

Why corporate gift giving?

Corporate gifting makes people sit up and take notice. In a sea of forgettable businesses, giving corporate gifts makes you memorable. It’s a way of building company loyalty among existing customers, and of encouraging new clients to join them. Within your business, corporate gifts can be used to strengthen working relationships and improve team moral. Your hard-working staff want and deserve the recognition of a gift. Corporate gift giving is an important business strategy when it comes to improving employee and customer satisfaction. Business gifts help recipients to feel appreciated and connected, which drives an increase in brand loyalty.

When is giving a corporate gift a good idea?

Many occasions can warrant a corporate gift. You might choose to give corporate thank you gift to clients after a purchase, or to your staff after a particularly gruelling business period. Corporate Christmas gifts are a great way of acknowledging the holiday season, while setting yourself up for a successful new year. Corporate baby gifts and birthday gifts are an opportunity to recognise individual. A well-timed professional gift could be the tipping point in securing a new partnership, contract, or business deal.

What are good corporate gift items?

Good corporate gift ideas focus on their recipients. What will make your client, employee, or potential partner smile? The goal of a corporate gift is to create a positive association with your business. Marshmallow Co. marshmallows make ideal corporate gifts because they’re simple, memorable, and customisable.

What is a promotional product?

A promotional product is an item your business gives to members of the consuming public in an effort to build brand presence and persona. When it comes to branding, recognisability is important. Marshmallow Co. promotional items can be printed with your business logo, ensuring that your company is remembered among your recipients as the one that gave out the delicious marshmallows. If you’re looking for promotional products in Australia, we’ve got you covered.

Why The Marshmallow Co.?

There’s nothing quite like a marshmallow campfire for making people feel at home! Sweet treats make great corporate gifts because they’re so universal. Everyone loves marshmallows, and they’ll love your company too!

At The Marshmallow Co., we pride ourselves on providing some of the best corporate gifts Australia has to offer. Our corporate gift hampers and boxes can be fully personalised to suit your business, and you can count on your favourite gourmet flavours being included! Consider us your one-stop corporate gift shop, and we’ll consider the gift-giving needs of your business. Our made to order marshmallows are your next step to corporate success.

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